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ASelvax's Automation Based Packaging Machinery

is one of the worldwide leading supplier of the bottling industry. Customized for your needs and with our experience we offer you the most adapted solutions, first class quality, sustainable packaging solutions and best protection for your products by the use of our machines. 
PET Bottle Blowing, Filling and Packaging equipment is our specialty.
We have installed more than 1.300 bottling systems in more than 54 countries around the world serving proudly the most reputable industry brands.
Our portfolio covers the largest range of equipment whether in output or in container sizes and the largest range of blow molds among all worldwide suppliers.

  • Owner of more than 250 patents

  • Full implementation of American and European Standards (ISO, TÜV, CE,..)

  • 350 Design Engineers

  • 2.000m² R&D Center

  • 10-15 new patents annually

  • 6% of company’s revenue is invested in R&D

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ASelvax's Sector's of Packaging

Beverage Sector

Mineral Water

Carbonated Drinks

RTS/Synthetic Juice

Food Sector



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Dairy Sector

Milk Botteling

Milk Pouching

Curd/Lassi Packing

Cosmetic Sector

Shampoo Packing

Tube Packing

Tub Packing

Pharma Sector


Jar Packing

Talcum Powder Packing

Other Packaging Sectors




ASelvax's Machinery